THIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, NJ – Kate Gibbs, Republican Candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s Third Congressional District launched her second television advertisement across Burlington and Ocean Counties today. The ad, “Straight Talk”, directly addresses her college-age mistakes and David Richter’s personal smear campaign. Gibbs’ Campaign Manager Angelo Lamberto released the following statement this morning:

“We won’t beat Andy Kim this November by nominating a failed businessman, silver spoon elitist like David Richter who repeatedly trashes President Trump, has ties to the Bidens, offices in China, and is registered to vote in his 4th congressional district in 18 months.”

Lamberto added, “Kate Gibbs is the authentic, honest, and relatable candidate we need to take on and defeat Andy Kim this November. As voters make up their minds and return their ballots, Kate wanted to make a direct appeal to Republicans throughout Burlington and Ocean Counties about why she is the only candidate who can win in November.”

The full text is below:

David Richter can’t beat me on the issues, so he attacks me personally.

Here are the facts.

I made some dumb decisions as a college kid and I’ve owned up to them.

But that immature girl isn’t the one running for Congress today.

This conservative woman is.

I cut property taxes.

I’ll stand with President Trump.

And I’ll drain the swamp of Pro Biden, Pro China elitists like David Richter.

Who want to go to Congress to serve themselves, not you.

Let’s do this.


Watch the Ad Below: