Says Richter made millions on road and bridge projects funded by tolls


THIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, NJ – Republican Kate Gibbs called out her opponent, Princeton millionaire David Richter, as a complete and total hypocrite on the issue of tolls, saying that Richter directly benefitted from hundreds of millions of dollars in road and bridge projects funded by tolls.

“David Richter literally got rich from the construction and expansion of toll roads and bridges in New Jersey, across the country, and even in Russia! Frankly, David’s bizarre decision to attack me on this issue reeks of hypocrisy and pandering,” said Gibbs.

Richter’s company, Hill International, repeatedly bragged about their involvement in toll road and bridge projects, touted their work “expanding toll plazas” on the New Jersey Turnpike, and championed their involvement in projects that installed EZ-Pass tag readers and high-speed video cameras for license-plate billing.

“Aside from the $600,000 he borrowed so he could loan in to his campaign and puff up his fundraising numbers, David Richter’s entire carpetbagging run for Congress is like a Seinfeld episode – a campaign about nothing – except for his own ambition to wear a congressional pin and get a title,” added Gibbs.

Gibbs also pointed out that outside of monies coming from one’s own pocket, she significantly outraised Richter ($219,343.50 to $172,275.39), despite Richter launching his NJ-02 campaign months before she got started in NJ-03.