THIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, NJ – Today, Campaign Manager Angelo Lamberto released the following statement on behalf of Republican candidate Kate Gibbs’ (NJ3) campaign for Congress in response to David Richter’s false claim that he received the unanimous endorsement of Brick Township GOP.

“Entitlement has been the hallmark of David Richter’s campaign from the start, so his presuming endorsements that he never received should surprise no one,” stated Lamberto. “Frankly, we hear from Ocean County Republicans every day who are supporting Kate behind the scenes. They see David Richter’s candidacy as nothing more than George Gilmore’s personal revenge tour aimed at tearing apart the party and ensuring Andy Kim’s victory in November. The fact David Richter has smeared Kate for indiscretions as a college student, while embracing a convicted felon as his top political advisor isn’t lost on anyone.”