Prepare for the Next COVID

In addition to overcoming our current COVID-19 crisis, the United States needs a plan to deal with future pandemics or risk suffering the same consequences.

After reading through the recommendations of many experts, Kate recommends the following approach:

  • Develop a unified national strategy and message for social distancing and locking down. There needs to be consistency in approach and message across the board or it will lead to confusion and more people needlessly getting sick.
  • Rapidly expand a reliable testing system that prioritizes healthcare workers and the sick first. The fact that symptomatic people are unable to get tested – and that when they do test results take up to a week to get through the backlog is unacceptable.
  • Dramatically increase investment in medical and scientific manufacturing and research in America, so we no longer have to rely on foreign countries for our supply chain, namely China. That America is so ill-equipped with things like ventilators and N-95 masks is a travesty. Bringing this manufacturing home will create jobs and improve our preparedness for the future.