“Welcome to a different kind of issues page than you find on most candidate websites. Below you will get to read not just about what I believe, but what I’ve done as one of the youngest women ever elected to countywide office in New Jersey, and what I plan to do if I am elected as the first woman ever to represent our communities in Congress. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact me at AskKate@KateforNJ.com and I will be happy to get back to you.”

— Kate Gibbs

In addition to overcoming our current COVID-19 crisis, the United States needs a plan to deal with future pandemics or risk suffering the same consequences.

After reading through the recommendations of many experts, Kate recommends the following approach:

  • Develop a unified national strategy and message for social distancing and locking down. There needs to be consistency in approach and message across the board or it will lead to confusion and more people needlessly getting sick.
  • Rapidly expand a reliable testing system that prioritizes healthcare workers and the sick first. The fact that symptomatic people are unable to get tested – and that when they do test results take up to a week to get through the backlog is unacceptable.
  • Dramatically increase investment in medical and scientific manufacturing and research in America, so we no longer have to rely on foreign countries for our supply chain, namely China. That America is so ill-equipped with things like ventilators and N-95 masks is a travesty. Bringing this manufacturing home will create jobs and improve our preparedness for the future.

As a County Freeholder, Kate cut property taxes every year in office, improved the county’s bond rating, and crafted a bipartisan county budget that spent fewer dollars per person than any other county in the state. She did all this while investing more in education, public safety, open space, infrastructure and workforce development.

In Congress, she will vote to repeal the SALT cap and make individual tax cuts permanent for working families and retirees.

As an outsider, Kate understands what Washington politicians seem to forget — that every dollar the government spends comes out of a taxpayer’s pocket.

The fact, then, that America has a national debt approaching $22 trillion is not only bad fiscal policy, it’s a moral outrage. Individual Americans must live within their means every day; our government should do the same.

In Congress, Kate will advocate for comprehensive spending reforms that force the federal government to confront its irresponsible spending and lower our national debt, including a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Moreover, Kate will fight to reverse years of failure by New Jersey politicians in both parties, and get our state’s fair share from the federal government. It is unacceptable that New Jersey consistently ranks at or near the bottom when it comes to how many federal dollars we receive compared to what our taxpayers send to Washington, D.C.

Kate recognizes our collective responsibility to care for the most vulnerable among us.

Under her leadership as Freeholder, the NJ Coalition to End Homelessness recognized Burlington County as one of only three counties in the state to meet its legal and ethical obligations to its homeless population by developing comprehensive Code Blue plans. Kate hosted the county’s first Easter Egg Hunt & Trunk or Treat events designed specifically for children with special needs.

Last, but not least, Kate oversaw a County Office on Aging that distributed more than 167,000 meals through its Meals on Wheels program to less fortunate seniors. In Congress, she will advocate for federal funding for local programs like this to ensure those in need receive proper care and services with dignity.

Kate is unapologetically opposed to the open borders policies of Governor Phil Murphy and national Democrats who favor Sanctuary Cities and taxpayer-funded giveaways to illegal immigrants in the form of free tuition, healthcare, and now driver’s licenses.

A nation cannot exist without secure borders. That’s why Kate supports enhanced border security, including physical barriers where necessary. She also supports providing a tough, but fair path to citizenship for children who were brought to this country illegally and offering citizenship to foreign-born college students educated in the U.S. upon graduation.

As a Trustee at Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC), Kate spearheaded an innovative 3+1 program that allowed local students to earn a high-quality, 4-year degree for under $30,000.

For those not interested in a college track, Kate enhanced the county Workforce Development Institute to match education and training opportunities with the needs of local employers in order to ensure that her constituents could find fulfilling, good-paying jobs close to home. She will seek to enact similar programs federally.

As the first person in her family to graduate from college, Kate also knows firsthand the burden of skyrocketing student debt. On this front, she will work with members of both parties committed to bringing down the cost of college and reducing loan debt, without creating some costly, pie-in-the-sky amnesty program that the country cannot afford.

As Freeholder, Kate expanded single-stream recycling and routinely hosted free shredding events across the county. She understands that the climate is changing and will work closely with elected officials, environmentalists, and business leaders in Ocean County to protect Barnegat Bay, confront more frequent flooding and beach erosion, and to protect shore area residents and business owners, as well as the multi-billion dollar tourism industry that is the area’s economic lifeblood.

We owe our veterans and military personnel a debt we cannot easily repay.

That is why Kate launched a public information campaign with the Burlington County Department of Veterans Services and County Clerk to educate veterans about a new $3,000 state income tax exemption available to them. She also organized an inaugural Burlington County Veterans Expo and helped local veterans receive over $18 million in well-deserved benefits each year as Freeholder.

In Congress, she will work with both Democrats and Republicans to confront the PTSD crisis that is fueling a rise in veteran suicides and ensure better access to affordable healthcare for Burlington and Ocean County veterans unable to travel.

Kate worked with federal and local officials to demand Burlington County’s share of regional Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) funding that is currently being improperly hoarded by politicians in Philadelphia.

Moreover, she has been a leader in helping to ward off a future BRAC closure at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JBMDL) by implementing the state’s most successful farmland preservation program, including around the borders of the base, and also by allowing the Joint Base to become energy independent by advocating for a clean natural gas pipeline running from JBMDL in Burlington County all the way into Ocean County.

If elected, Kate would be the first woman EVER to represent Burlington and Ocean Counties in Congress, and as Freeholder, she led what was perhaps the most progressive county government in the state when it came to women’s issues.

Kate passed an Equal Pay for Equal Work resolution for all of county government, revitalized the Burlington County Women’s Advisory Council, implemented new mentoring program for young women, installed private, designated spaces in county buildings for new mothers to nurse or pump, and partnered with Virtua Hospital to offer free mobile mammogram screenings.

Kate supports the 2nd Amendment and believes strongly in the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.

She also believes that government can play a role in reducing gun violence without unduly infringing on that right and took action to do just that. Kate launched a $20 million School Security Grant Program that provided funding to all public high schools in Burlington County to enhance security and keep students and teachers safe.

She believes in strengthening background checks to ensure guns don’t fall into the hands of criminals or the mentally unstable, and she organized a successful gun buy back program with the Burlington County Sheriff’s Office for people who wanted to voluntarily trade-in their firearms to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

As Freeholder Director, Kate spearheaded a $10 million road project to improve traffic flow and safety along the northern Route 130 corridor, helping to alleviate truck traffic on local roads.

She managed the modernization of the County’s 9-1-1 and emergency services telecom system, giving first responders access to a comprehensive, state-of-the-art radio system. Statewide, Kate championed legislation to create a stable, recurring source of revenue to fund road and bridge repair, while blocking politicians from raiding the Transportation Trust Fund and treating it as their own piggy bank.

As Congresswoman, Kate will lead the fight to revitalize our energy and water infrastructure to create jobs, provide clean, reliable and affordable improvements to our way of life.