Gibbs says Kim and his far-left allies intentionally trying to mislead people


THIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, NJ – Republican challenger Kate Gibbs slammed “liberal dark-money group” Acronym for intentionally misleading voters with fake news ads on Facebook that masquerade as straight news stories promoting Rep. Andy Kim. She called on Rep. Kim to either repudiate the group and demand they stop running ads about him or else drop his phony rhetoric about fighting for transparency and getting big money out politics.

A Washington Post op-ed by NewsGuard, a nonpartisan organization that reviews news sites to combat misinformation, condemned the Courier Newsroom as “a clandestine political operation” seeking to deceive readers, and Acronym as “a liberal dark-money group” planning to spend upwards of $25 million to save vulnerable Democrats like Rep. Kim in the 2020 elections.

“Ever since he showed up here from Washington, D.C. to run for Congress, one of my personal gripes with Andy Kim is that he’s been a phony who will say or do anything to get votes. While flip-flopping on his promise and lying about his plans to vote against Nancy Pelosi as Speaker has gotten the most attention, his crocodile tears about getting big money out of politics is another case in point,” said Gibbs. “Someone needs to ask Andy: How can you claim to care about transparency, but look the other way while a dark money group hides behind its non-profit status to conceal donors? The same group that released copies of 10 paid ads promoting Kim. The people of Burlington and Ocean Counties need to know that any time they see something from the Courier Newsroom on their Facebook feed, it’s nothing but propaganda.”

Gibbs campaign released copies of 10 paid ads promoting Kim since just early March, providing the benefit of more than $40,000 in dark money support of his campaign.

“I can’t say it better or more succinctly than NewsGuard, who said that the Courier Newsroom and Acronym are ‘exploiting the widespread loss of local journalism to create and disseminate something we really don’t need: hyperlocal partisan propaganda,’” said Gibbs. “The fact that the name of this fake news site so closely resembles our local Courier Post newspaper, only raises the stakes higher. Every legitimate journalist and media source covering this race needs to ask Andy Kim about this and expose Acronym and the Courier Newsroom for what they are before even more innocent voters are tricked into believing their misinformation campaign.”