THIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, NJ – Kate Gibbs, Republican Candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s Third Congressional District, launched her first television advertisement across both Burlington and Ocean Counties. The ad, “Shady”, exposes David Richter’s past business dealings and his true feelings on President Trump contrasted with Kate Gibbs conservative track record.

“From opening offices in China, to profiting from terrorist regimes, to doing business with the Bidens, to trashing President Trump, it’s time Burlington and Ocean County Republicans learned about the real David Richter,” said Campaign Manager Angelo Lamberto. “There is only one true conservative in this race and it’s Kate Gibbs. A proven tax cutter and fiscal hawk with a record of helping to create private sector jobs for working-class men and women, Kate is the only Republican who can defeat Andy Kim in November and make history as the first-ever woman elected to Congress from South Jersey.”

The full text is below:

David Richter has some shady friends. Opening offices in China to steal American jobs.

Richter raked in millions dealing with terrorist Muammar Gaddafi after he killed US soldiers and civilians.

Richter even partnered with Joe Biden’s family to pump business through Obama’s State Department.

No wonder Richter attacked President Trump, his shady friends would want it that way.

Kate Gibbs is the real Conservative, supporting President Trump, creating jobs in American, not China.

I’m Kate Gibbs and I approve this message.

Watch the Ad Below: