Richter’s Hill International responsible for millions in cost overruns leading to higher property taxes – and he blamed the Iraq War


THIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, NJ – David Richter’s record of fleecing taxpayers with inflated public contracts extended beyond the NJ Turnpike Authority to include driving up local property taxes with millions in cost overruns on local school construction projects, charged Kate Gibbs’ campaign today. When questioned by local officials for the reason behind millions of dollars in unexpected costs, Richter blamed… the Iraq War.

“David Richter’s disastrous career in business will be the gift that keeps giving for Nancy Pelosi’s opposition research team and will cost Republicans this seat if Richter is our nominee in the fall,” said Gibbs’ campaign manager Angelo Lamberto. “Richter trying to make his business career the selling point for his campaign is what you call leading with your chin. If Richter is our nominee, prepare to be bombarded with millions of dollars in mailers and television commercials pointing out how Richter’s business fleeced taxpayers, while he fattened his own wallet in the process.”

Lamberto pointed to the following examples:

As part of a school construction project in Millstone Township, Richter’s firm increased costs by nearly $4 million on a $34.5 million budget, forcing the designer to have to remove classroom space to accommodate the inflated costs foisted on them by Hill International. When challenged by local officials for the reason behind the larger price tag, Richter blamed…the Iraq War [Asbury Park Press, Sept. 1, 2004].

In yet another instance, Richter’s company managed a school construction project in Middletown where cost increases exceeded the original approved amount, requiring municipal taxpayers to approve a second $9.6 million bond referendum to finish the project [Asbury Park Press, Sept. 9, 2004].

“The facts are clear: Hill International routinely inflated costs and ran way over budget, forcing local taxpayers to pick up the tab. Their property taxes went up, while Richter laughed all the way to the bank. Is this really the nominee we think can beat Andy Kim?” asked Lamberto. “Kate Gibbs cut property taxes and ran the most fiscally conservative county government in New Jersey – spending fewer tax dollars per person than any other county in the state, by far. That’s the kind of conservative we need heading our ticket in November.”