NJ Treasurer slapped Richter for “inflating” his bloated NJ Turnpike bid; Gov. Christie vetoed Richter’s attempt to rip-off taxpayers


THIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, NJ – Going rogue on his personal Facebook page last night, Princeton carpetbagger and failed businessman David Richter claimed I spent my career working to LOWER the cost of infrastructure while running Hill International (into the ground), but a quick fact check proves Richter’s claims are indisputably false, according to a statement made today by Kate Gibbs’ campaign.

In 2010, Richter’s company submitted a bloated $1.2 million bid to supervise a construction project for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) that was 22.4% higher than the NJTA’s in-house engineer estimated it would cost. Even after the acting Transportation Commissioner James Simpson slammed Hill for inflating the prices and negotiated it down to $980,000, Governor Christie stepped in and vetoed the contract, deeming it not a fair, nor reasonable price.

“When you peel back the onion on David Richter’s business record, it’s a mess, so it’s no surprise that he’s decided to lie about it, but we’re not going to let him rewrite history,” said Gibbs’ Campaign Manager, Angelo Lamberto. “Governor Christie vetoed Richter’s attempt to fleece New Jersey taxpayers and he was forced to put his tail between his legs and reduce his bloated bid by nearly 25% before ultimately getting a contract approved.”