Richter’s firm was early, leading proponent of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs)


THIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT, NJ – Princeton carpetbagger David Richter’s hypocritical and disingenuous attacks on building trades labor unions completely unraveled today when it was revealed that Richter’s firm actively promoted and defended Project Labor Agreements (PLAs). Not only did Hill International support these collective bargaining agreements that encourage union labor on public and private construction projects, but the firm bragged about having “extensive firsthand experience with the benefits PLAs provide.”

Earlier this week, Richter’s claims about lowering the cost of infrastructure was debunked when Gibbs’ campaign pointed out that Richter’s company, Hill International, was called out for “inflating” its prices in an attempt to gouge taxpayers, and that former Governor Chris Christie had to take the extreme action of vetoing one Richter’s contracts because of it.

“Just like David Richter’s bogus claim to have lowered the cost of infrastructure, when the facts prove his company was called out for inflating prices in an attempted taxpayer rip off, Princeton carpetbagger Richter’s newfound hatred for building trades unions doesn’t pass the smell test,” said Gibbs’ Campaign Manager Angelo Lamberto.

Lamberto said Richter’s disastrous business record will be a treasure trove for Democrats in a general election, and it needs to be exposed now so Burlington and Ocean County Republicans can see it before they vote.

“There is a reason David Richter got pushed out of his own company – and that’s because it was a complete mess on his watch,” said Lamberto. “David paid himself a fortune and lavished himself with perks, while the business lost millions and shareholders watched the stock price tank. If we Republicans want to win this seat back, nominating a failed businessman, with a truth allergy, who doesn’t even live in the district is not the answer.”